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Chassis Analyzing and Setup

   Years ago we invested into a professional ground Surface plate. This surface plate is a perfectly square, and is a milled ground flat table. This allows us to put a racecar up on the plate and start checking the chassis for square, offsets etc..... This is the first process in making a racecar fast.
   Once the racecars is on surface plate square we can start checking all pickup points to each other, Frame rails, Cross members, ball joints, rear end housing, track width offsets.....etc. This allows us to know if and what needs to be done to the core part of the car. A car that is not square is very hard to get to work right (next to impossible) once the car is up on the plate and all is made square , tabs can be installed on rear of clip to make squaring the rear end in chassis  easy and accurate. We build all of our computer models and the surface plate.

Chassis and Suspension Computer Modeling

   In Today's highly technical and competitive world of racing, computer technology has made big advancements in racecar technology, understanding, and designing with the aid of racecar software has allowed us to build some very fast racecars consistently. We have been working with Racecar Computer Software "Autoware" and its founder since 1997, We have worked directly with one of the smartest engineers in Racing since 1997. We build complete 3 dimensional computer models of your racecar and input them into our computer system, then we can locate and analyze the entire front suspension, without complete models you can only work on one aspect of geometry but are not able to see how it effects other parts of the racecar. We have had many racecars come into our raceshop, and leave with the same four Springs and shocks they have been racing with, and with just correcting the Roll Center location, Instant center locations, side scrub, Camber gain, caster gain, etc...... go from being a mid pack car to the front by just correcting the geometries.



Chassis Dyno Services

We use VW Paradise Computer controlled  Chassis Dynometer Service. Every time we go to the Chassis Dyno with a customers car, we gain good horsepower, Kris Laufer is one of the sharpest individuals I have ever met. Holding a number of World Records in Drag Racing Kris has been real good to help get our cars Maximum horsepower, which equals faster laptimes. We have had good luck tuning the Racecars on the dynometer and finding out what Air/Fuel Ratio is best for the engine, then at the track we will install a O2 meter in the exhaust system and tune until we achieve what we know is optimum air Fuel Ratio. You can not believe how many times I have found the tune way off on racecars and gained 20 horsepower.......and the customers never thought they had been that far off on the tune of the engine.

Shock Dyno, Building, Design, Etc…

  Shocks have more of a effect on a racecar than most racers realize, We have been working and building shocks for over 10 years and we still are learning something new every time we work on them. We have a Roehrig 10v state of the art shock and spring dynometer with the latest 2011 updates, this dyno can handle and accurately analyze the big hold down numbers that some tracks or cars require. Even with this equipment we often reach out to other shock builders for help and design. STR has been a great help for building shocks for us and working together with Steve Teets has been a great partnership in getting the best shocks on a racecar. We have dyno'd hundreds of shocks from many different manufacturers, but we will see the same part numbers from the same manufacturer but when we run them on the dyno the are different by a good amount that will effect the racecars handling.   Getting the right shocks on a racecar is mandatory in order to win........and we can do that for you!!









Complete Fabrication- Steel, Aluminum, Tin Work, Etc.

We are equipped to handle all Fabrication, for your race car needs. Chassis repair, Clip replacement, Headers, exhaust, aluminum work, Aluminum Welding, Sheet metal and tinwork...... We have what it takes to do the job right.



At Track Crew Chief, Driver Coaching, Etc.

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